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Special August Book Signing @ Airborne & Special Operations Museum
Aug 8 @ 11:00 am – 1:00 pm

The Airborne & Special Operations Museum Foundation will host a special book signing with three seasoned veterans of the United States Army airborne and special operations forces in the lobby of the ASOM on Saturday, 8 August from 11am-1pm.

These books are part of August’s Book of the Month which receives an ASOM bookmark, a 10% discount and will be signed, when available.  The typical Book of the Month is just one book and includes a book signing with just one author. In honor of the anniversary of the Airborne as well as the Airborne & Special Operations Museum, the month of August will feature three special books with extraordinary authors.

The featured books and special guests are:

The Boys of Benning  with COL (Ret) Rudy Baker

The Boys of Benning highlights the lives of fourteen graduates of a 1962 Infantry Officer Candidate School class-before, during, and way after OCS.

Boys of BenningThese men came from all across America to compete for officership in the United States Army. They emerged victorious from the crucible of OCS, and went on to serve our nation-in and out of the Army.

Twelve of these fourteen men served combat tours in Vietnam. Most were wounded in action there; some more than once. They were point men in the so-called Cold War. For them, it was often hot war.

Beyond the battlefields of Vietnam and the long war’s divisive impact on American unity, these “Boys of Benning” persevered in their patriotic duty. They rose to the challenges and opportunities of higher rank and responsibility with confidence born from competence.

Whether they remained in uniform-as most did-or left the Army to pursue civilian careers, the men whose stories leap from the pages of  The Boys of Benning exemplify the time-honored traditions of Duty-Honor-Country. Despite their diverse backgrounds and subsequent achievements, they share a common bond, forged at Fort Benning and strengthened by their long service to our nation and their respective communities, where they continue to serve with distinction.

The Boys of Benning is a treasure trove of exemplary leadership that far transcends the military milieu with valuable lessons for all who aspire to pursue excellence in their personal and professional lives.


I Love America: The Memoirs of Command Sergeant Major Tadeusz Gaweda As Written by Charles E. Glover with CSM (Ret) Tadeusz Gaweda

In full flight from the advancing Russian army, Nazi legions pour into Kamien-Koszyrski, Poland, in November 1943. The Nazi troops invade the town in a frenzy, routing townspeople from their homes and loading them onto horse-drawn wagons – the first step in what will become a nightmare journey to a German labor camp.I love AmericaTen-year-old Tadeusz Gaweda, his parents, and seven brothers and sisters pile into a wagon with blankets, the clothes on their backs, and a few personal items. Fierce Ukrainian partisans twice ambush the convoy, killing indiscriminately.The Gaweda family and other survivors are jammed into unheated railroad boxcars for the final leg of their hellish trip. At the work camp, Tadeusz and his little sister survive yet another attempt on their lives. They only pretend to swallow the “medicine” handed out by guards – little red pills that are actually poison.Tadeusz and his family are rescued by advancing American GIs who liberated the camp. The soldier saviors become Tadeusz’s heroes, and by the time he emigrates to the United States in 1949, his dream is to join the United States Army.

He tries to enlist but is turned away because of his age. After working in Polish bakeries in Brooklyn and Chicago, he realizes his dream in 1953 and embarks on a thirty-five-year career in the United States Army – four tours in Korea, two in Vietnam, and combat in the Dominican Republic and Grenada.

As he rises rapidly in rank, medals, citations, badges, and other decorations cover the front of his uniform. In 1984 Gaweda reaches the pinnacle of his career when he becomes command sergeant major of the XVIII Airborne Corps, the top enlisted man among 84,000 soldiers.

This also is a continuing love story. Gaweda’s wife, Edith, whose family was forced to leave Czechoslovakia’s Sudetenland after the end of World War II, met her future husband after fleeing from communist East Germany through the Berlin subway system.

COL (Ret) William “Bill” Richardson with his book, Valleys of Death – A Memoir of the Korean War

Valleys of DeathFrom the devastating counterattack at Unsan to the thirty-four months he spent in captivity-a period of years in which giving up surely meant dying-Col. Bill Richardson’s instinct for leadership and stubborn will to survive saw him through one valley of death after the next. Valleys of Death is a stirring story of survival and determination that offers a fascinating, intimate look at the soldiers who fought America’s first battle of the Cold War in the unvarnished words of one of their own. Richardson endured many long months of starvation, torture, sleep deprivation, and Chinese attempts at indoctrination, yet maintained defiance under conditions designed to break the mind, body, and spirit of men.


National Airborne Day @ Airborne & Special Operations Museum
Aug 15 @ 10:00 am – 2:00 pm

The public is invited to join paratroopers, past and present as they gather at Fayetteville’s Airborne and Special Operations Museum to celebrate some of the first U.S. soldiers to jump out of perfectly good airplanes as they recognize National Airborne Day. This year’s event marks the 75th anniversary of the Army’s first sets of parachute jumps. Airborne combat continues to be driven by the bravery and daring spirit of sky soldiers. Often called into action with little notice, these forces have earned an enduring reputation for dedication, excellence, and honor. This event, hosted by the XVIII Airborne Corps Commander and the Mayor of the City of Fayetteville, will have military static displays and much more!


0930-1000: 82nd Airborne Division “All-American” Band performs.
1000: Golden Knights demonstrate a Parachute Freefall and present the Ceremonial Baton to Keynote Speaker, GEN James Lindsay.
1010-1130: National Airborne Day Ceremony.  The events will include a performance by the All-American Chorus, the unveiling of GEN Lindsay Paver Stones, and a Wreath Laying Ceremony.  Speakers include Mayor Nat Robertson, GEN Lindsay and LTG Townsend.

Until 1400 there will be static displays on the parade field as well as hands-on exhibits inside the ASOM lobby.



Images from National Airborne Day 2014:


National POW/MIA Day @ Airborne and Special Operatons Museum
Sep 18 all-day
Human Foosball Tournament @ Airborne & Special Operations Museum
Oct 3 @ 9:00 am – 4:00 pm

Human Foosball Tournament

24 Teams.  4 Fields.  All-Day Tournament.  On the grounds of the Airborne & Special Operations Museum.

What is Human Foosball?

Watch your favorite table-top game come to life!  Teams of 6 attach themselves to fixed poles across the field and can only move to the right or left as a team, to move the ball up the field.  Teams consist of 2 Forwards, 3 Mid-fielders and 1 Goalie.

Still not sure what it is?  See Human Foosball here:


Tournament Details

24 teams, 6 people per team.  Cash prizes for the top 3.

Teams will be divided into 4 groups to play a Round-Robin tournament beginning at 9am, lasting until 2pm.  10-minute games will begin every 20 minutes.   At the end of each game, points will be given accordingly: Winners-3 points; Losers-0 points; Ties-1 point.   After Round-Robin play is finished, the top 2 teams from each group will advance to the  single-elimination Winners Tournament.  In the event of a tie for 2nd place within a group, the team with the most goals will advance to the Winners Tournament.

The Winner’s Tournament Play for the “Elite Eight” will be at 2:20 and 2:40.  “Final Four” games will be at 3:00. The Championship Game will begin at 3:30pm.


Teams may register online, over the phone  at (910) 643-2773/2778, or in the ASOM Gift Shop (Registration Form).  Teams must submit names, ages (18+), t-shirt sizes and payment no later than 5pm on 15 September in order to participate in the tournament.  All players must sign a Release of Liability waiver prior to the beginning of tournament play.

Registration Deadline is 15 September at 5pm.

Event Details

  • Players must be 18 years or older on day of play.
  • All players must sign a Release of Liability waiver.
  • There can be no more than 6 people per team.
  • Teams must arrive at 8am to sign in, receive t-shirts and sign Release of Liability waivers.  Pre-Tournament briefing will begin at 8:20am.
  • Teams must report to their playing fields 5 minutes before play begins.  No-show will result in a loss.  Late-show will result in a loss or will be played out at the discretion of tournament officials.
  • Each team will receive Tournament t-shirts in their indicated sizes and are encouraged to be worn for tournament play.  Each team will be assigned a different color.
  • Concessions will be available for purchase.  Beer may be purchased only by those 21 and over who have received a wrist band by providing photo identification with proof of age in the Command Tent.
“Salute to Veterans” Opening Ceremony @ Airborne & Special Operations Museum
Nov 7 @ 1:30 pm – 2:30 pm

iron mike (2)The Opening Ceremony for the 7th Annual “Salute to Veterans” will take place Saturday 7 November 2015 at 1:30pm in the ASOM Parade Field.  The “Salute to Veterans” is an opportunity to honor ALL veterans, regardless of time served,  branch of military, or war time service.  Flags will be flown, each in honor of a veteran, on the Parade Field from 7-16 November.  Flags may be purchased online, in our gift shop, by phone at (910) 643-2773/2778 or via mail.  Find more details on the Events page, here.

7th Annual Salute to Veterans @ Airborne & Special Operations Museum
Nov 7 @ 1:30 pm – Nov 16 @ 12:00 pm
Parade Field and Flags

Salute to Veterans

The Salute to Veterans celebrates the service of ALL VETERANS, regardless of time served, branch of military or war time service. Flags will be displayed on the ASOM Parade Field from (Saturday) 7 November to (Monday) 16 November 2014.  The Opening Ceremony will be at 1:30pm on 7 November 2015 at the Parade field. The field will close Monday, 16 November 2015 at noon. All Flags not picked up by Sunday, 29 November become the property of the ASOM Foundation. The museum is closed on Mondays. To assist in finding your flag, there are two information books: one on the field itself in a white wood podium and one at the information desk in the lobby of the museum.

We now offer 4 ways to purchase flags: in the online ASOM Gift Shop, in person in the ASOM gift shop, by phone at (910) 643-2773/2778, or via mail by printing and mailing a Salute to Veterans Order Form with payment to:

ATTN: Salute to Veterans
100 Bragg Blvd.
Fayetteville, NC 28301.
Veterans Day- Museum Open
Nov 11 all-day
POW/MIA Ceremony and Flag Retirement @ Airborne and Special Operatons Museum
Nov 11 @ 5:00 pm – 7:00 pm

Missing Man TableThe POW/MIA Ceremony offers the community a chance to honor and recognize missing Americans and their families.  This year Rolling Thunder North Carolina Chapter 1 will perform the Missing Man Table Ceremony, and the guest speaker will be Barbara Spigner, owner of Cape Fear Heroes indoor football team. A Flag Retirement Ceremony will begin after the POW/MIA Ceremony at 6:30pm, performed by Boy Scout Troop 6.  The community is encouraged to bring flags that are ready to retire.

Thanksgiving-Museum Closed
Nov 27 all-day

Federal Holiday

Christmas Day-Museum Closed
Dec 25 all-day

Federal Holiday

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The Airborne & Special Operations Museum Foundation supports the museum with marketing, advertising and financial support for its programs and exhibits. Opening the doors on August 16th, 2000, the 60th anniversary of the original United States Army’s Test Platoon’s first parachute jump, the museum offers free admission, a main exhibit gallery, temporary gallery, four-story tall theater, video theater and a motion simulator ride. It is located in Historic Downtown Fayetteville on the corner of Bragg Boulevard and Hay Street, adjacent to the city’s Freedom Memorial Park and the recently built North Carolina Veteran’s Park. The main gallery is designed as a self-guiding tour, in chronological order, through the history of the airborne and special operations soldiers, from 1940 to the present. The temporary gallery changes throughout the year and displays a myriad of exhibits pertaining to the United States Army, airborne and special operation units through their history and conflicts from World War II to the present. For a nominal fee visitors can ride the 24 seat motion simulator. Find our privacy policy here.

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