Capital Campaign

Dear Friends,

For nearly twenty years, The Airborne & Special Operations museum has told the stories of those who have fought valiantly to protect the liberty we hold most dear. The Museum has preserved and honored the legendary feast of our Airborne and Special Operations Soldiers.

Our heroes have stormed the beaches of Normandy, jumped into Korea, battled in the jungles of Vietnam, and are still fighting in the sands of Afghanistan, Syria and around the world. These brave men and women in uniform have fought selflessly, protecting and defending our national security and freedom. Now, it is our turn to protect their legacy.

Both public and private funding has been vital to the Museum, and we are thankful for your continuous support. However, we recognize our Nation’s enemies and battles have changed over the years, along with advancing technology and the learning mediums of a younger generation. It is crucial we continue to connect our past to the present, which is why The Airborne & Special Operations Museum will answer the Call of Duty to Honor America’s Heroes.

With a strong vision for the future, The Airborne & Special Operations Museum Foundation has launched a vital mission to raise $8.5 million to both transform and update the Museum. Your support will help create new learning opportunities, expand and enrich the last eighty years of history which include WWII through The War on Terror, and immerse visitors in our stories through interactive technology and exhibits.

Today. you can honor the past by giving a gift to the future. You can ensure the heroism of those who have protected and defended our nation will receive the gratitude and respect their so greatly deserve.

On behalf of the Campaign and our Honorary Chairman, General (R) Raymond Odierno 38th Chief of Staff of the Army, we thank you for your consideration and generous support of The Airborne & Special Operations Museum’s mission to Honor America’s Heroes.



Raph Huff, Capital Campaign Cochair                                    Bobby Bleecker, Capital Campaign Cochair