Roll Call Dedication
By John E. Hughes
Roll Call, like service in Airborne and Special Operations forces, is a voluntary category of soldiers who serve in these select military units and those who continue to serve this nation out of uniform. Every name has a story; every story is one thread in the fabric of our nation.

After World War II, President Harry S. Truman called for all veterans to provide leadership and example in further exalting our nation in peace.” That call to lead in business, industry, government, education and on the home front continues to this day. Airborne and special operations soldiers are leaders, dedicated to a lifetime of service to this nation. Their unique experiences pay tribute to American ingenuity, tenacity, courage, resourcefulness and honor.

Roll Call is hereby dedicated

  • To those who voluntarily gave their yesterdays and today’s so that our nation would see tomorrow.
  • To those who took their lessons of poverty, courage, self-sacrifice and uncertainty and turned them into rules for successful living.
  • To those who saw and experienced the imperfections of our society and worked to make this country a better place.
  • To those who use their self-reliance to embrace entrepreneur skills to maintain non-violent balance to oppressive governments.
  • To freedom and independence for all—without compromise.
  • To airborne and special operations soldiers past, present and future—with equality for all.

PVT John E. Hughes
Airborne, 1945-46
Honorably discharged, October 31, 1946
Founder and Senior Partner (Ret.) John E. Hughes & Co., C.P.A.’s
Former Part-Owner and CEO (Ret.) Archibald/Fannie May Candy Companies
Chairman and Former CEO The (J.D. Stetson and Dorothy W.) Coleman Foundation, Inc.
Founder, Chairman and President the John E. and Jeanne T. Hughes Foundation, Inc.