Simulator Experience

Pritzker Simulator

The ASOMF now offers two simulator experiences for the public to enjoy, Army on the Move and Experience the Legend .  Rides begin 30 minutes after opening, and the last ride is at 4:30pm.  Tickets may be purchased in the museum Gift Shop.

Ticket Pricing:

  • General Public: $8.50
  • Combo Price: $10.00 for both experiences
  • Pre-arranged school groups: $5.00

Prices effective 25 May 2015. All prices include tax.

Simulator Experience Schedule:

  • Army On the Move : on the hour and half hour
  • Experience the Legend : 10, 20, 40, and 50 minutes past the hour

Army On the Move

simulatorSimilar to the movie, the Pitch, Roll, and Yaw Vista-Dome Motion Simulator adds another dimension by physically moving a specially designed seating area up to 18 degrees in concert with the film, Army On the Move. Suddenly, a larger than life film of airborne and special operations becomes almost real. The 24-seat simulator provides visitors with an extreme taste of what the Army's finest are trained to do.  Army on the Move is the original ASOMF Simulator experience.
This Simulator ride runs on the hour and half hour, and tickets may be purchased in the museum gift shop.

Army on the Move Synopsis:

Deploy on a scout cycle from a chinook through the desert.

Ski with a Special Forces Team through the snowy woods.

Perform a HALO operation from 25,000 feet.

Cover a rooftop insertion by Special Operators from a helicopter gunship.

Blas through a town fast and furious in Ranger Buggies.

Fly over a hostile town blasting away from a helicopter gunship.

Experience the Legend...

ASOM visitors now have a chance to Experience the Legend for themselves.  This simulator experience takes the rider from World War II to modern day, highlighting the prestigious units 101st Screaming Eagles, 187th Rakkasans, 82nd All Americans, Ranger Regiment, and Special Forces, doing what they do and have done best. This ride shares with the public a few of the missions that have brought out the best in America’s sons and daughters.  Get ready to Experience the Legend!

Animation created by Breakiron Animation&Design, LLC

Experience the Legend Synopsis:

  • Fly into Normandy with the 101st Screaming Eagles on the morning of D-Day.
  • Jump into Munsan-ni Korea in March of 1951 with the 187th Rakkasans.
  • Deploy into a hot LZ with the 3rd Brigade of the 82D Airborne with their 17th CAV element.
  • Travel through a hot bed of action with the Ranger Regiment in Southwest Kabul.
  • Quietly move with a Special Forces team along the Euphrates River in Iraq.