SOF K9 Memorial

A Memorial to the Canine Heroes of the Special Operations Forces

K9 Statue

The SOF K9 Memorial Foundation was created to memorialize fallen Special Operations Forces Canine  Heroes killed in action.  Wanting an appropriate place worthy of the honor to house the memorial, the Foundation chose the grounds of the Airborne & Special Operations Museum.  Sculptor Lena Toritch was commissioned to create the statue, and paid painstakingly close attention to detail to make sure that every part of the dog is life like, to ensure that the memorial is worthy of its cause.  The Memorial is located at the front of the museum, around the Iron Mike Circle, with the canine positioned to face Iron Mike and the museum’s main doors, as though he’s a sentry standing guard over the legends of the airborne and special operations.  At the base of the statue is an inscription dedicated to the dogs’ constant vigilance.  Beneath the inscription are stones, each etched with a name of a SOF K9 that gave his life in the line of duty.   The SOF K9 Memorial at the Airborne & Special Operations Museum was dedicated on 27 July 2013.


Statue (8)K9 StonesSOF k9 Memorial

Inscribed at the base of the statue are the words:

Enscription at the SOF K9 Memorial

Constant Vigilance

The bond between a SOF handler and his K9 is eternal; trusting each other in a nameless language.  Here we honor our SOF K9’s that have paid the ultimate price.