ASOM Artifact Donation Policy

While  we are always open to donations, the Department of the Army and the Center for Military History have strict regulations and policies concerning the donation of artifacts. Please review the following information before contacting us with potential donations. Generally, artifacts must have a connection to Airborne and Special Operations and meet at least one of the following criteria to be considered for acceptance:
-Rare or one of a kind item
-Connection to a historically significant person, unit, operation, battle, event, etc.
The museum does not accept memorabilia or commemorative items (trophies, plaques, coins etc.)

The donation process:

1.Read the above information
2. If you believe that you have an item that meets the criteria listed above please contact scott.a.pelletier4.civ@mail.mil
– Provide a description of the item, where it came from, how you obtained it etc.
– Provide photos if possible.
– Let us know how the item meets the criteria listed above: Tell us the artifact’s story.
3. We will respond to you as soon as possible

How You Can Help
We are enormously grateful for the number of donations which have helped us create a collection which represents the mission of our museum. As we look for ways in which we can improve our educational impact, we are seeking the following items:

  • OSS artifacts, stories, and pictures
  • Operation Iraqi Freedom and Operation Enduring Freedom items
  • POW histories, pictures, and artifacts
  • Specific/unique Special Forces, Ranger, Civil Affairs and/or PSYOP missions
  • Unique items from foreign interactions during Airborne & Special Operations Activities worldwide
  • Wold War II Pacific Theater Items, such as items form the 11th Airborne and OSS

We are particularly interested in artifacts related to the following operations:

– Operation EAGLE CLAW (Iran)
– Operation URGENT FURY (Grenada)
– Operation JUST CAUSE (Panama)
– Operation DESERT STORM/SHIELD (Iraq)
– Operation GOTHIC SERPENT (Somalia, Task Force Ranger)
– Operation UPHOLD DEMOCRACY (Haiti)
– Special Forces operations in Central/South America in the 1980s

We are always seeking clothing, equipment, and weapons which are relevant to airborne and special operations units including those of foreign provenance.

For more information, please contact the Curatorial Staff:

Scott Pelletier at scott.a.pelletier4.civ@mail.mil

Denise Wald at denise.m.wald.civ@mail.mil

Disclaimer: All donations to the United States Army Museum Enterprise are unconditional. The donor, transfers the donated property, free and clear of all encumbrances, to the United Sates Army, hereby relinquishing all ownership, rights (including copyright), title, interest. Therefore the Museum is under no obligation to exhibit an artifact and it may be retained in the Army’s collection for research purposes only.