Named Sponsorship Opportunities

Specific exhibits or exhibit areas remain available for those who wish to honor a family member, friend, military unit, association, or business while benefiting the museum. A suitable plaque or other appropriate commemoration will identify the donor and/or person or organization being honored, providing enduring recognition. Each named gift will be on a first come-first serve basis. Additionally, donors who pledge a gift of $25,000+ will be recognized on the Campaign Contributors’ plaque located in the museum lobby.

Current Named Sponsorship Opportunities

For more information on Named Gifts, contact the Executive Director, at (910) 643-2772 or execdir@asomf.org.

Video Theater $250,000
Conference Room $200,000
Main Lobby $500,000
Main Exhibit Hall $2,000,000
Exhibit Introductory Gallery $100,000
Southeast Asia and Vietnam Gallery $200,000
Contingency Operations Gallery $200,000
SOF Gallery $250,000

Terry Sanford World War II Memorial Gallery

North Africa-Operation Torch $50,000
Jedburgh and Operational Groups $50,000
WWII 75th Anniversary Recognition $50,000
Pointe du Hoc $75,000
Southern France: Operation Anvil/Dragoon $25,000
Holland: Operation Market Garden $25,000
Pacific Theater $50,000

The Cold War, 1945-1965

Resurgance of Special Warfare $25,000
Special Forces “A” Detachment $50,000
HALO Exhibit $25,000


The Cold War Heats Up $25,000


Tale of Two Wars $25,000
Special Forces: Prisoners of the Vietcong to the creation of SERE $25,000

Contingency Operations

Peacekeeping Force $25,000
Grenada: Operation Urgent Fury $25,000
Panama: Operation Just Cause $25,000
Black Hawk Down, Battle of Mogadishu $50,000
Airborne/Special Operations Airpower $25,000

Global War on Terrorism

Gear Up! Iron Mike & New Technology $50,000
Operation Anaconda, Afghanistan $25,000
New Heroes, Battle Ready Worldwide $50,000
12 Strong, Horse Soldiers $25,000
War on Religion & Culture $25,000