Field of Honor Event Information

The ASOM invites you to enjoy the 500 flags that are currently flying on the Museum’s Parade Field. Each flag comes with its own story and displays a tag identifying both the person who sponsored the flag and the flag honoree. This living display of heroism flies as a patriotic tribute to the strength and unity of Americans, and honors all who are currently serving, those that have served, and the men and women who have made the supreme sacrifice for our nation’s security and freedom. This year we also opened up this event to honor those who positively impacted others during the COVID-19 pandemic. Flags will be on display until November 30.

 To find your sponsored flag on the Museum’s Parade Field, locate the white podium that holds the Field of Honor binder. If you are looking at the field with Iron Mike behind you, the podium will be on your right by the Field of Honor sign.

The binder is organized by rows, which are in alphanumeric order. For instance, row A is the first row on the left side of the field (see image). The field is 17 rows across, and 30 rows from front to back. Flags A1-A30 are all in the same row, starting from front to back. 

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