A Call To Arms: Help Preserve The ASOM Legacy

Dear Friend of the ASOM Foundation,

The Airborne & Special Operations Museum Foundation has served our community for 24 years, at the side of the U.S. Army proudly preserving the rich history and sacrifices of the American Soldiers who served in Airborne and Special Operations units since World War I. Within these Museum walls, the stories of bravery, innovation, and resilience come alive, inspiring generations, and fostering a deeper appreciation for the men and women who have defended our nation.

However, we face a critical challenge. The ASOM Foundation is experiencing a significant loss of major funding, jeopardizing our ability to continue our vital museum support mission through public programs, educational opportunities, and exhibit support. Without your help, we may be forced to dim the light on crucial chapters in military history past and present.

But there is still hope.

Your generous donation, no matter the size, can make a real difference. Here is how your contribution will help:

  • Maintain our world-class exhibits: Your support ensures the artifacts, uniforms, and interactive displays that bring history to life remain accessible for future generations.
  • Expand educational programs: We offer educational programs for students of all ages. Your donation helps fund these initiatives, fostering patriotism and a deeper understanding of the sacrifices made for our freedom.
  • Honor our Veterans: The museum serves as a sanctuary for Veterans to connect with their past and share their stories. Your contribution ensures they have a place of honor within our walls.

Here is how you can help:

Together, we can keep the stories of bravery and sacrifice alive. Please, donate today and ensure the Airborne & Special Operations Museum Foundation continues to be a beacon of support for military history for generations to come.

With heartfelt gratitude,

Renee Lane

Executive Director

Airborne & Special Operations Museum Foundation