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Prisoner of War Medal

The National League of Families of American Prisoners and Missing in Southeast Asia (the League) adopted this flag as its official symbol in 1972. The flag includes a silhouette of a prisoner of war (POW) in front of a guard tower and barbed wire in white on a black field. The letters “POW-MIA” appears above the silhouette, with the phrase “You Are Not Forgotten” below in white on the black field.

The League’s flag was officially recognized by Congress on 10 August 1990, when it was declared to be “a symbol of our Nation’s concern and commitment to resolving as fully as possible the fates of Americans still prisoner, missing, and unaccounted for in Southeast Asia, thus ending the uncertainty for their families and the Nation.” The flag now stands for all captives, the missing, and the unidentified from all American wars, as opposed to just POWs and MIAs from the Vietnam War.